This site is no longer maintained. British BIDs maintains a list of BIDs you may find useful.
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About BID Intel

BID Intel is an independent, volunteer-run website collecting details about Business Improvement Districts in the UK.

The data we collect here is found online, in official BID publications or provided to us by BID Managers and our supporters.

We do the best we can to keep the data up-to-date and error-free, but mistakes happen. Please don't rely solely on this data - always check with the individual BIDs for confirmation of any details.

If you do find an error, please drop me an email!

BID Intel is not associated with any BID. Please do not contact us about individual BID matters.

Is it official?

Nope. There is no official list of BIDs in the UK. Several BID organisations try to compile their own but nothing definitive exists in the public domain.

I personally find this quite daft. If we are to have educated discussions about BIDs, their impact and development of legislation, we need also to have a clear understanding of what exists already and how they're doing.

My ideal outcome would be for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG - the government department responsible for BIDs) to produce and maintain a public-domain directory of BIDs. This is in keeping with other open government initiatives and gives us all a common ground from which to develop ideas & initiatives in a way which is open to all. Until then, BID Intel tries to fill that gap.

What are BIDs?

BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) are organisations set up to support and enhance UK High Streets, Industrial and Commercial Estates by providing locally-led coordination to improve areas and provide services the local authorities may not be able to provide.

BIDs must be voted in by ballot, historically by the rate payers (i.e. local businesses) although this is now changing to include property owners.

To secure a term, BIDs must receive over 50% of votes both by number and total rateable value. In some areas (Scotland and Northern Ireland) there is also a minimum turnout requirement of 25%.

Who runs this site?

BID Intel is edited by Sven Latham.

Sven+Latham+headshot “I created BID Intel to fill a gap in information sharing and up-to-date recording of BID data.”

“I also analyse town centre data at Noggin, so gathering & collecting information is a bit of a occupational habit. Although the site is kindly supported by the business, everything I do here is without charge. It is my way of personally participating in and contributing to this community.”

“You can email me at or call my direct dial number, 01489 878268.”

Who uses BID Intel?

Subscribers include BID Managers themselves, Town & City Centre teams, local governments and membership organisations.

We've also been used in presentations, discussions and workshops debating both pros and cons of BIDs nationwide.

Can I reuse the data?

The site is free and publicly available, and is based on information which we believe has been provided in good faith for public use. Please use the stats and data as you please. We always appreciate a credit - - where possible.

Privacy and Legalese

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